Connecting and dialoging

keyword-se-connecterHow to interact with your stakeholders? To develop user-centric eco-products ? To build a supply both responsible and appealing? To anticipate change of your environment?



We build up with you:

  • Dialog and facilitation with your stakeholders – clients, consummers, suppliers, employees, civil society, citizens, partnerships,…:
    stakeholders identification, probing of motivation, expectations and potential levers to pull, codevelopment with the different stakeholders.
  • Research on product and services uses
    ethnographic research mixing observations and interviews within the context of use
  • Optimisation for a sustainable offering:
    products, services, concepts test, communication improvement, web site test,…
  • Exploring your environment:
    ecosystem mapping, trends research


Our fertilizer

  • To use participatory and collaborative methods : projective and focus groups, world café, open space…
    → Discover our tools
  • To adapt and to imagine best approaches fitting society and technology trends such as:
    to be involved as a real player of one’s environment, search for clarity, combination of individual behaviours and new collective movements…