Mobilising, involving

keyword-mobiliser-sensibiliserHow to take ownership of research results exploiting them and implementing solutions? To “feel” and to “immerse” oneself in audience’s concerns offering a better response? To increase mobilisation regarding background changes? To reinforce teambuilding around a vision and a project ?


We build up with you:

  • Workshops to make use of information
    Take the best of your research and trends results: these team workshops are based on “active listening” permitting to integrate key elements, to work on associated challenges and to develop implementation platforms.
  •  Immersive journeys to decipher your audiences

    • outgoing expeditions to meet your targets and to discover their behaviours
    • “ If I were..” workshops to put yourself in your stakeholders’ shoes to understand their uses and environment, then to “feel “ at an emotional level their concerns


  • A support for change
    • turning the varied individual positions in front of change into a real dynamic
    • bringing ecosystem metamorphosis to the foreground and visualizing it to adapt to it (for instance how to move to service economy and to switch from product to usage and service…)


  • Teambuilding: in-house, between organizations, local areas, international teams…
    More and more projects are managed by people coming from various professionals fields. We facilitate cooperation by helping people to discover one each other, to create a common culture, to develop work together


Our fertilizer

  • Activating mobilisation induces to work
    - on stakes that concern every one directly and that are no longer perceived as external,
    - with a widening point of view including all players,
    - using emotion as a driver
  • Our job contributes to reinforce consistency between what is claimed and what is done. We will help you to get under the way of new collaborative process.