Tools and methodologies

A wide spectrum of tools and methods combined and regularly renewed according to clients’ needs. To propose the best method that fits your issue… instead of selling you a constraining tool forcing you to adapt your demand.


outils_etudes qualitatives

Qualitative research tools

  • Desk research, interviews with expert (trend research)
  • Ethnography research (observations, interviews, self observations diaries, journeys…)
  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus groups using projectives methods that allow to move beyond first evidencies and to get motivations, intentions which cannot be secure through direct questioning



Creativity techniques

  • A range of detour techniques permitting divergence thinking (scamper, metaphor, bissociations, sensorial stimuli, mind mapping, picture langage, drawings,…)
  • Convergent thinking tools within a systemic context
  • Changing Worlds : an exclusive method to imagine the future based on worlds visualizing and how impactful factors interact



Collaborative and co-creation methods

  • On line methods for scattered targets and to get long-term course
  • Group sessions facilitation with numerous participants : world café, open space, citizens conferences…
  • Co-creation workshops for a creative systemic approach
  • “The creative body” : an exclusive methode using the body metaphore to visualize one’s organisation, teams, players and to understand their relationships
  • « Mandala » workshop : a team building tool that integrates both individual and group energies