Our ecosystem

Our roots

Currently directed and co-founded by Sylvie Sesé, Keyword for change was born out of 3 Synapse Research Managers cooperation (a research institute founded by Guy Aznar and specialized in projective qualitative methods and creativity).

sylvie-seseSylvie Sesé

  • more than 20 years of experience in qualitative research and creativity
  • Creative Problem Solving certified facilitator ( Créa-Université certificate)
  • passions: to encourage collective intelligence; to combine original point of views and interdisciplinary approaches to imagine
    new possibilities.


Our clients

We are involved to bear fruit both with SMES, international groups, local organizations.
Our spirit: to work constructively and together with our clients to build new ways, to spread projects and to facilitate adhesion.

Our field of actions

We are able to conduct local fieldworks as well as national or international ones thanks to our network built for more than 15 years among international groups.

Investigated audiences

They are not only « types of people » or « targets » but they are also complete individuals. We are committed to clearly share with them objectives and engaged method.


Our network

  • facilitators, group moderators and visual facilitators
  • researchers specialized and trained in qualitative methods
  • partners in sustainable communication, design for the environment, sustainable strategies
  • an international network of partnership developed for 15 years of international research


Social and environmental field

A desire to be a real player for change through our commitments:
Sylvie Sesé is an active membership of Crea-france, French non-profit making association for creativity development. Crea-france intend to promote creativity as a driving force for change to the benefit of individuals, organization, society. Sylvie Sesé is also membership of the council of a SPF local comity.
We are engaged in responsible practices (ecofriendly purchasing, giving preference to public transport and to digital documents, using videoconference if possible…).