We and our sap

Founded in 1994 as an independent research institute, Keyword for change is nowadays providing all its expertise in building responsible innovations.


Our fertilizing mission:

To co-develop concrete, responsible and added valued solutions, to transform sustainable development challenges into opportunities while finding the best leverages in order to innovate, to anticipate, to enter into dialog, to reinforce understanding and commitment.

We operate in the fields of:
- eco-innovations, social innovations, sustainable marketing,
- dialogue with stakeholders and research among audiences,
- change management.


The sap that is driving us


  • To catalyse human energies and creativity in order to make organizations move forward
    - relying on individual ability to support change and to develop innovative and “human-friendly”solutions,
    - daring the creative challenges that open up new possibilities.
  • Usefulness of services
    - you may already get part of the answer; let have a look together to your previous research and results, before starting the next step;
    - a project or a result is no longer useful if it is not shared by everyone in your organization; we can help you to spread them and to reinforce team‘s involvement.
  • The guarantee of “basics”:
    If we are used to flexible and responsive process, we are also strongly committed to provide the basics:
    - to clarify your problem will always be the first step of our work;
    - and to build quality throughout the whole process thanks to rigorous methodologies, analysis and experienced consultants.
  • The determination to build a more desirable and sustainable future
    considering the 3 pillars of sustainable development: social, economic and environmental.